Edible chalk

Have you ever used chalk in your life? I believe you did! But what if we will tell you that you can actually consume chalk?

If you want to taste something special, then enjoy our eatable chalk, as the tasty and healthy product will cheer you, nourishing the organism with calcium and vitamins.

Natural edible chalk chunks for food produced in exceptionally clear and ecological region in Russia, it is completely natural and very healthy.

Chalk will be particularly useful for children, people who work hard (especially physical labor) and a pregnant woman.

If you like the products with an unusual taste then you have to try an eatable chalk.

You will be surprised how many tastes chalk can have. It can taste like a toffee, cream or even like an ice-cream! This product can be crispy, a bit soft or crunchy. On our website you can find a lot of different types of chalk, some of them are not just a chalk, but a mixture of chalk and clay. Clay adds new, original taste to the product and makes the consistency of the product even better.

In our shop, you can buy 100% natural, high-quality chalk produced in different regions of Russia!


If you want to buy our products, write an email zhukov.mel@yandex.ru and make an order. Don’t forget, to tell us your name and surname, country, city, street, number of your house and your apartment number. Also, we have to know your phone number. 

Advance payment of 100 per cent!
You can use any money transmitter you prefer (for example: Western Union).
The courier service will ensure delivery the product in 4-7 days.